Sweetest Fetus Soap


Sweetest Fetus is encased in a rectangle bar of clear glycerin soap. Lavender scented.

Featured in FHM Feb. 2004


Feto FAQ (taken directly from http://www.fetopia.net/faq.html)

Q: What are fetos made of? A: Fetos are made by blending two types of polymer clay together: Sculpey III (for flexibility and the slightly "wet" appearance) and Fimo (for durability.) Most fetos are made entirely of polymer, but some, like Starbelly or The Maori feto of the Feti of the World collection, are made of polymer and then handpainted with acrylics to give the desired effect. The actual ratio of Sculpey/Fimo is a strictly guarded family secret; the special blend of both brands of polymer clay is a time-honored tradition, dating back to Mama Feto, who came from the old country with only a nickel in her pocket and a dream: to make tiny clay fetuses you could string around your neck.

Q: Are fetos pro-life or pro-choice statements? A: Fetos were not meant to be symbolic of the pro-life, nor the pro-choice campaign. We at FeTO just think fetos are neat. Fetos are meant to represent neither living nor dead fetos. They are clay.

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