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Austin American Statesmen November 6, 2007 Stitch Austin/Feto Soap Table 1:12min into video
Beauty in a Nutshell September 7, 2007 Chocolate Cupcake Soap
Indie Fixx August 27, 2007 Chai Tea Shea Butter Lip Balm
The Samplergram August 23, 2007 Lotion Bars
The Sampler August 23, 2007 Lemon Bar Soap
Indie Fixx Reader Fixx Thursday - August 23, 2007 Raspberry Shea Butter Lip Balm
A Rare Thing Blog June 25, 2007

HGTV - That's Clever! :
Episode HCLVR-231 April 17, 2007
Women's World
Feb. 13, 2007 Chocolate Bon Bon Soap
March 2006 p.105 (Razorblade Soap)
For Him Magazine Hungary December 2005 (Razorblade Soap)
Papier Doll
December 6, 2005 - "Think amazing handmade soaps in surprising scents like basmati rice with wheat germ, or bamboo sugar cane from Feto Soap, the clever soap label created by Lisa Chouinard. Feto Soap also makes fun roll-on parfums in delicious scents like sparkling citrus, which doesnít smell like citrus at all. Instead, it smells like a very yummy wine spritzer you canít get enough of."
Austin Chronicle November 2005 - "Neil's picks from the craft bazaar included bath products from Feto Soap"
For Him Magazine France September 2005 (Razorblade Soap)
Weekly Market September 28, 2005
(Chocolate Bar Soap)
Lifestyle Daily August 21, 2005 (Chocolate Bar Soap)
Chicago Tribune May 15, 2005 (Cupcake Soap) May 2005 (Motorcycle Soap)
Southcoast 24/7 ""That looks good enough to eat". Have you ever heard that phrase? You will soon be saying that with Feto Soapís new chocolate cupcake flavored and fashioned soaps. The chocolate cupcake line has been featured in the May 2005 Chicago Tribune and the February 2005 Itís Your Life magazine. Feto Soap makes other soap lines include soaps with toys inside and for a darker sense of humor, with razorblades inside. Feto Soap makes bachelorette gift favors as well as bath salts, lip balm and bath accessories. Spice up your bathroom life at!" May 2005 (Lotion Bars)
Maximwear Online February 2005
 (Razorblade Soap)
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(Feto Soap)
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