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Bubble Bath Marshmallows R&D

I’ve doing some R&D in the Feto Soap kitchen! I love marshmallows and bubble baths, so when I was experimenting with different formulas of solid bubble bars it just made sense to shape them into marshmallow shapes.

Here are some vanilla I made a few months ago:

They started out white but discolored to brown because of the vanillin content. They were a bit squishy for selling, but still made a nice handmade birthday gift! (and great uhm, research baths!) I forgot to take a picture of them packaged up, but I put them in a clear gusseted treat bag with a ribbon and label.

Here’s a new formula I made in tangerine last week. They hardened up nicely and I gifted them to my friend Kera for her birthday.

Did I show you the bubble cake balls I made? I had some leftover “frosting” from the bath bomb swap earlier this year and no bath bombs to frost, so I rolled all the leftover frosting into balls and topped them with glitter! In some of them I even inserted sticks, but since it was ALL frosting they didn’t stay in that well. I’ll have to play with that concept some more when I have time.

I’m working to find a formula I like, and once it’s perfected I’ll make an announcement! I’m thinking about making them in loaves with a swirl in the center like rye bread. We’ll see! Stay tuned!

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