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Gifting, Gallery Style

November 17, 2009

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At the holiday gift exchange, you always get stuck with a Starbucks gift card the giver bought on the way to the party. And you don’t even drink coffee.

Stock up on well-priced items that will get snatched over too much syrah at this weekend’s Winter Holiday Arts Market benefiting Spacetaker. Selected young local artists congregate for a two-day event to showcase items you’ll want to give and receive – soaps shaped like cupcakes, belts and jewelry from Hello Lucky, hip silk scarves, whimsical prints, artisan jewelry from Petals & Metals, and modern stationery from A Punkin Card Company. You won’t be able to stop at just one present.

And then you can send Miss Unoriginal home with a bottle of wine. You know, since she’s pregnant.

Spacetaker’s Winter Holiday Arts Market
Friday, November 20th (5 – 10 p.m.)
Saturday, November 21st (11 a.m. – 8 p.m.)
FREE at Winter Street Studios
Featuring a DJ, performances, complimentary cocktails, and kid-friendly art activities

I can’t make it Saturday to Market. Where else can I find your products?

A couple people have asked, so I thought I’d list places I’ve recently stocked.

In Houston:
Te House of Tea 2402 Woodhead St, Houston, TX‎ – (713) 522-8868

11 am – 10 pm
Friday 11 am – midnight
Saturday 11 am – midnight
Sunday 11 am – 8 pm
Tuesday – Friday 2 p.m to 5 p.m [no kitchen]

Hello Lucky 1025 Studewood St, Houston, TX‎ – (713) 864-3556
New Shop Hours
Wednesdays Noon – 5 (throughout the holidays)
Thursday 11 – 5
Friday and Saturday 11 – 6
*Sunday Noon- 5*
and Christmas Week
Monday 11 – 5
Tuesday 11 – 5
Wednesday 11 – 2

Mutter Museum Store 19 SOUTH TWENTY-SECOND STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19103-3097 | PHONE 215-563-3737 Open:  Sat – Thurs 10am -5pm Friday 10am-9pm

Maker Faire Austin Recap

I loaded in on Friday and set up my booth. I ran to Maru, which is this Korean owned and operated Japanese restaurant for one of their famous J-Bombs (and currently my favorite thing to eat in Austin) and then headed back to Maker Faire. Like last year on Friday night they had an evening for the makers with food and a few exhibits set up so we could enjoy a little of Maker Faire before it opened the next day. I got to spend some time eating tamales with Jennifer Ramos of Textile Fetish, Claire Chauvin of Poopscape and their families.

On Saturday Maker Faire opened at 10am and my booth was set up right next to the life-sized mousetrap game. To give you a sense of scale – instead of a marble, they used a bowling ball to launch it. All day I was surprised by friends visiting from Dallas, Houston & Austin at my booth. I came to Maker Faire by myself this year so I’m glad I was set up next to A Punkin Card Company and her entourage. They watched my booth for me when I needed to take a break. I was interviewed a bunch of times by a bunch of people, and hopefully I didn’t embarrass myself or the mafia. I got to meet a ton of photographers – they all started taking pictures at my booth. Here are some shots that John Knox from Austin took of my soap at Maker Faire.

Cool Water with Kelp

Blackberry Sage

Sunday – I bartered with a bunch of people for cardholders, scarves, pouches, cards, earrings, sold out of a couple of scents/styles of soap… and Kai and Winnie (who were running around interviewing people about a new show Make: Television) convinced me to stay another night, so I ended up eating sushi off of a boat at yet another Korean owned and operated place, Korea Garden. They told me about Flipside which is something like a regional Burning Man close to Austin. I am thinking about going next year.

It’s Market-time!

Midtown Farmers Market

I haven’t done a farmers market in ages! I took the month of August off and at my next scheduled market in September Hurricane Ike hit, but I’m back with 40 + kinds of soap to choose from.

I will be vending at the Midtown Farmers Market Local Crafts Spree on Saturday, October 11th from 8am – Noon. The Midtown Farmers Market is located in the front of Monica Pope’s T’afia. 3701 Travis Street @ W. Alabama directions here.

Houston Craft MafiaSECOND SATURDAY SHOPPING SPREE!! Lots of local craft vendors on the patio such as Houston Craft Mafia Members Eutectic Handcrafted Jewelry & A Punkin Card Company will be there! Shop Local and Shop Handmade!

Lisa Chouinard, Feto Soap

White Linen Nights in the Heights & Hello Lucky

Hello Lucky is restocked with my handmade soaps and dry oil perfume sprays.  Check them out during White Linen Nights this weekend!

Hello Lucky
1025 Studewood Street
Houston, Texas 77008
713-86hello – 713-864-3556

Hello Lucky will be part of White Linen in The Heights
Saturday August 2, 4 – 10pm
We will be open from 11 am – 10 pm
serving up some cool libations after 4

# 47 on the White Linen map
shuttle stop- # 10 on the shuttle stop index

So if you live close by, you may just want to walk to Hello Lucky
or park nearby us and catch a free shuttle from the shop to take you around The Heights

more about White Linen at: http://www.whitelinennightheights.com/

Road Trip on view now
Jim Denk, Rachel Hewlett, Jillsbadcar, Melissa Lonchambon,
Mike Lonchambon, Whitney Riley,
Brooke Summers-Perry, Vagrca, David Waddell, Joanne Witt

work by Ryan Geiger, Woody Golden, JoAnn Park, Christine West
and a collaborative video by Elaine Bradford, Teresa O’Connor and David Waddell

July/August Monthly Challenge
Throughout the months of July and August
we will be a drop spot for plastic shopping/grocery bags as well as fabric remnants.
Itscool2care will use these items to create reusable shopping bags. http://www.itscool2care.org

This quarter Hello Lucky is happy to be working with Glasstire. A portion of in-store sells will be donated to the non-profit http://www.glasstire.com

Road Trip on view in store now!

Hello Lucky

New Shop Hours
Thursday 11 – 5
Friday and Saturday 11 – 6
*Sunday Noon – 5*
We will happily stay later,
just call us before 5pm

or by appt, just call

you are amazing, you are

Maker Faire – my version

I arrived in San Francisco on Friday at noon, and call Kai (my assistant for Maker Faire) to see if he wants to go for lunch. By the time I get to the car rental place, it was 2:00pm! I couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant, so I looked up Green Apple Books, drove there and walked a block to Burma Superstar. I ordered Samosa Soup and then my food poisoning from the plane kicked in. Kai put me to bed and after a few hour nap (I had been traveling since 4am that morning – flying directly from Burlington, VT after attending the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Conference). Thankfully it was a short bout of food poisoning and I was able to eat after my nap. Then we made our way to our host for the weekend and we went to Moshi Moshi for dinner.

For Maker Faire, we were going to be making melt & pour soap, and to make one bar at a time a microwave is ideal. I asked my host if I could borrow his, and he said that would be fine… I guess I didn’t really explain my need… (his microwave is bolted into his kitchen) so I ended up buying a microwave on the way to Maker Faire and arrived 10 minutes before it started!

After getting setting up people started streaming into my booth pretty much non-stop to create their own soap. I had no time to train my assistant or eat! He fed me while I chopped and melted soap. Many people made soap – we used up a 24-pound block and a few 2 lb trays of soap – over 100 people made their own custom soap in my booth! They got to pick a mold – round, oval, floral oval, bee and honeycomb and rectangles were the choices, a toy (or toys, one kid fit 6 toys in their soap – a butterfly, army man, horse, goat, dinosaur and ballerina), colorant, glitter, and fragrance!

Maker Faire added a Saturday night portion to the event, so after the sun went down we closed up the booth and wandered around. We had some delicious Oysters Rockefeller on the grill, and while we were wolfing them down people from Brittany Knitting Needles were also at the booth slurping down oysters. They had some needles they were passing out and I scored a wooden pair of 19’s! I can’t wait to use them with some chunky yarn! We got out of there pretty late, so we ended up eating wonderful Clam Soup at the Clamhouse in San Mateo.

Jennicakes and LisaOn Sunday Kai was totally trained to show people how to make soap. We had an assembly line system going with chopped soap ready to go in paper cups that corresponded to the mold sizes, and we got to explore maker faire for 30 minutes at the end of the day. I went straight to Bizzare Bazaar and met Tammy from RoxyCraft.com, Kathy Cano-Murillo craftychica.com, Starving Artist Bazaar. Jenni from Hambones and Jennicakes stopped by my booth as I was breaking down and I am now a proud owner of one of her infamous sleep masks – mine reads ” hung over”!

Our Baked Bread Candles are going to be in a stage production!

Baked Bread CandleA customer just called me to re-order some Baked Bread Candles for a stage production that his school is putting on that includes a bakery. He is trying to make the scene seem as realistic as possible – including making the audience salivate – so he’s going to be burning Feto Soap’s candles during the performance. He said he purchased from a couple of different retailers that were offering the same Baked Bread scent, but ours were the only ones that were spot-on.


At Maker Faire I will have oval, round, rectangle, floral patterned and bees & honeycomb molds for people to use to create their own soap. I will also be bringing a box of toys, glitter and fragrances so you can make your soap look and have whatever you desire in it!

Here’s a fun cow soap I made with blue colorant, gold glitter and fresh rain fragrance in an oval mold.


Liquid Soap Colorants

I’ve made the decision on what 10 colors to bring with me at Maker Faire. The soap you create can be yellow, pink, red, orange, green, sea foam green, neon lime, blue, tan, or purple! soap colorants

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