Our Baked Bread Candles are going to be in a stage production!

Baked Bread CandleA customer just called me to re-order some Baked Bread Candles for a stage production that his school is putting on that includes a bakery. He is trying to make the scene seem as realistic as possible – including making the audience salivate – so he’s going to be burning Feto Soap’s candles during the performance. He said he purchased from a couple of different retailers that were offering the same Baked Bread scent, but ours were the only ones that were spot-on.


At Maker Faire I will have oval, round, rectangle, floral patterned and bees & honeycomb molds for people to use to create their own soap. I will also be bringing a box of toys, glitter and fragrances so you can make your soap look and have whatever you desire in it!

Here’s a fun cow soap I made with blue colorant, gold glitter and fresh rain fragrance in an oval mold.


I’m Getting my Ducks Lined Up…

alligator soap made by a participant at maker faire…for the upcoming Maker Faire. At my booth you will be able to pick the shape of your soap, color, fragrance and toy! The soap on the left was made by a participant at Maker Faire.

This is how they customized their soap:
Clear Melt and Pour Base
Rectangle Clamshell Mold
Liquid Green Colorant
Green Glitter (from Brambleberry)
Alligator (toy)
and they chose their fragrance. (1 ml of fragrance)

Win Free Soap

indie fixx spring fling giveawayLook at what Indie Fixx is giving away!

Soap from Feto Soap Pepperberry, Pumpkin, Pearberry & Bay Rum Handmade Soaps!
Necklace from
Eclectic Eccentricity
Apron from Nicole Lee Designs
Luggage tags and bookmarks from Plays With Mud
Necklace and Earrings from Freshie and Zero
Tee from Delicious Tees
Prints from Makeshift Modern
Bath & body goods from Lindsay’s Candles
Necklaces from Miss Misa

Signup is here:

My Recommended Reading List for Soapmakers

The Everything Soapmaking Book: Recipes and Techniques for Creating Colorful and Fragrant Soaps (Everything: Sports and Hobbies)The Everything Soapmaking Book by Alicia Grosso
The Soapmaker’s Companion by Susan Miller Cavitch
Making Scented Soap by Linda Hamblen
Soapmaking for Fun & Profit by Maria Nerius
Designer Soapmaking by Marie Browning
& more here.

What are your favorite soapmaking books? Leave a comment and let me know!

Where do you get the stuff to make your soap?

People are always asking me, where do you get such and such to create your soap? I love to share, so here’s a list of my favorite soap supply companies:

All Supplies
http://brambleberry.com Outstanding Customer Service & Awesome Fragrance Oils (They sell Lye too!)
http://the-sage.com Great Packaging
http://texasnaturalsupply.com I get my base oils here. (They sell Lye too!)
http://fromnaturewithlove.com Great Prices
http://kangarooblue.com Packaging and Displays
http://houstoncandlesupply.com They’re in Houston!
http://www.kelseiscreations.com Kelsei SlabDivider Molds – I love their 9 bar molds – I have two for test/limited edition batches but want more!
Upland Soap Factory Lined Molds

Where to get Lye and Safety Gear
http://aaa-chemicals.com They Sell Lye!

Who are your favorite suppliers, and why?

Red Palm Oil Experiment

Shea Butter Red Palm Oil Soap

At Feto Soap, we are always trying out different ingredients to bring you the best and beautiful soaps possible. This Shea Butter Soap is made with Red Palm Oil – no colorant was added to this soap, yet it has a beautiful golden hue. It is a cold process soap and still in curing mode, so not yet available for purchase.

Stay tuned for more soap experiments to come!

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