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“I’m not good at painting my nails.”

I’ve been teaching lots of Make Your Own Nail Polish workshops lately, and something I’ve been hearing a lot from women about doing their own nails or nail art is “I could never do that.” or “I’m not good at painting my nails.” “It looks like a 5-year old painted my right hand.” I have a secret you guys. I’m kind of terrible at painting my nails. and at nail art. It takes me forever, y’all! I usually ding them before they dry, and then have to start over. But I’ve been doing it more lately and getting a little better at it each time! Through the instagram hashtag #nailart I have learned to use a small concealer brush to clean up the polish up quickly from your skin, and I even found out about a beginning nail art class held by @nailsyall through the instagram nails/nail art community here in Austin and took it! I had a book on nail art, but it required a bunch of supplies I hadn’t accumulated yet, so I’m glad I took a class. She showed us how to use nail art polish brushes, dotting tools & showed us how to make our own stamps from plastic wrap along with using foil as a palette. I also read/watch a lot of nail art tutorials.  I couldn’t paint a leopard to save my life during the @nailsyall class, but on my 2nd and 3rd attempt (pictured) I was able to on the practice wheel. It helped that I didn’t use a color dot in the center for me to make the shapes. I painted over my first leopard (it’s the green nail) because it was so bad, ha!

Getting better at painting your nails takes practice. So do your nails often, and you’ll get better at it! Pictured are most of my manis from 2014. I figured out I like doing themed nails (like if I’m going to an event, I try to match the event’s colors). So there are a few red and blue combinations for Maker Faire. Last night I did the red nails with white outline because I’ll be at the thinkery teaching soapmaking today. I might do a dot outline for my right hand – polka dots are one of my favorite nail art designs so far. They are easy and look so cute! All you need is a dotting tool, pin head, or bobby pin to dip into a little drop of nail polish on your palette. Are you on instagram? If you want to see my latest mani or project, follow me @fetosoap.

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