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Blue Genie Art Bazaar is open through Dec. 24th

The Blue Genie Art Bazaar is open Saturday,  Sunday,  Monday, 10 am – 10pm & on Christmas Eve Dec. 24th 10 am-6pm 6226 Middle Fiskville Rd. near Highland Mall. It features over 140 artists such as Nothing But a Pigeon, Poppy & Fern and Curare Sweets!
I have a little something for everyone in my booth! Here’s a smattering of what’s there:

Holiday Austin Flea Dec. 15



This is the last of my “wo-manned” holiday shows for the year!  The first 20 attendees of the flea will get a goodie bag that contains a gingerbread soap! There will be a raffle to raise funds for SafePlace.

austin flea
sunday, december 15th
at scholz beer garten
(1607 san jacinto) 11am – 5 pm
+ make your own nail polish station*!

*maybe, if I have room! I’ll be an indoor vendor (a 6×6′ spot) & they are still working on the layout!

I’ll update when I get more information!

Formula 1 weekend wrap-up




The view from turn 15.

We made lots of soap at the Formula 1 US Grand Prix in the Kiddie Zone Tent. They requested all the toys we had to be racing themed, so some of our soaps ended up looking like this:


On the last day of the races, Pitbull put on a concert right next to my tent!

Etsy Craft Party at The Burlap Bag June 20th

Create your own nail polishes with over 50 micas & glitters to choose from to combine & make whatever colors you dream of! Make sheer, opaque or glitter-bomb polishes!

Upcoming events where you can make your own polishes:

June 20 7pm Etsy Craft Party at The Burlap Bag Facebook Event / Eventbrite event RSVP

Craft party + whatever you wanna make + free knitting lessons + free booze! + light snacks + awesome people! (that last one means YOU need to be there!)

Bring whatever project you’re working on, knitting or not, or come learn to knit! Or just hang out on some couches with friends (and drink! I mean, what…)

This is a perfect time to learn how to knit/become a grandma in your 20’s/30’s/however old you are!

We’ll supply some yarn and knitting needles, but bring your own if you’ve got ’em! Or another project. We just wanna hang out with you really….

Also, etsy is providing us with a box of crafting supplies!

ALSO – – an update on activities happening:
We will also have:
-a make your own nail polish table
-a free DIY laundry detergent station (bring a 4oz jar so you can take some home! or buy one from us for $1)
-a free headband making area
-a photo station – backdrop by the Confetti Committee!

 June 30th RSVP for the nail polish party here:

You can also call 512.850.5472 or email to book a nail polish party for your event! Great for birthday parties and bridal showers!

Round Rock Mini Maker Faire


The Round Rock Mini Maker Faire is a community event for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) makers of all ages, experience, and interests. You will see robotics, 3D printing, engineering, creative household projects, and more from makers in the Round Rock and Austin communities. Enjoy local food and refreshments in an energetic environment that will inspire artists, entrepreneurs, children, engineers, and students alike.

The Maker Movement is made of supportive, creative, and engaging people that are reshaping our idea of what we can accomplish together. The Maker Faire is an excellent way for makers of all types to meet and collaborate. Most of all, the Round Rock Maker Faire is going to be a ton of fun for all of us.

I’ll be there with my Make Your Own Soap booth, where you can create a custom bar of soap on demand right at the booth AND I’m bringing my nail polish supplies, so you can make your own nail polish, too!

june 2 fb cover - Copy


Little Artist Big Artist – Session Two: Learning How to Make Bath Bombs

During our first session we discussed our ideas for our final project. We are going to be making bath bomb cupcakes. In order to make them, Mary is going to have to learn how to make bath bombs for the cake part & bubble bath frosting.

This is the equipment we used to practice making bath bombs:
Mary, making the bath bombs:
The bath bombs! Didn’t she do an awesome job?

Check back next week for Session Three: Soap Frosting
Session One: Soap Jello

Little Artist Big Artist – Session Three: Soap Frosting

We decided to make bath bomb cupcakes with a bath bomb on the bottom and soap frosting on the top. The soap frosting can be used as a bubble bath or a creamy body wash!

We’re practicing our piping skills today:

frosting 2013-03-19 15.02.12

Don’t forget to come back next week when we put it all together!

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Session One: Soap Jello

Little Artist Big Artist – Session One: Soap Jello

Every Tuesday afternoon, I meet with my little Artist Mary for two hours after school at Blackshear Elementary. I pack up a little corner of my studio and bring all the supplies or equipment that we need for the day.

Session one: Soap Jello – Learn how to use fragrance and color in bath & body products + learn how to follow a bath & body formula (recipe).




Check back for Session Two: Learn to make bath bombs

How to make a custom vacuumed formed soap mold

At the Houston Maker Faire, I had the pleasure of meeting Jared from Fine Clonier who owns a dental vacuum former! He would carve or cast the object he wanted to make a mold out of, in this case JarJar Binks in carbonite and then vacuum form a mold over the object.

He used a porus material to carve his form from so it could release from the plastic, heated up the plastic with the vacuum-former and the vacuum sucked the plastic over the form. When he knocked out the form, he was left with a mold!

Here’s a link to his vacuum forming video:

I happened to have a booth across from his, so he sent someone over to see if the mold could be used for soap. The answer was YES! We poured soap into the mold he had just made and viola! Here is the result:

Then Jared came over and made one in green!
…and after he learned that you can cast soap in these molds, he started making molds and his wife poured soap into them! Check out his flickr stream to see what they came up with!

You can find a dental Vacuum-former on ebay for around $400. I think you need an air-compressor to use it as well.

If your city has a TechShop, I think most of them have Vacuum-formers. They are fairly easy to use (you set a sheet of plastic down, the heater heats the plastic and you press a button to start the vacuum, and press another button to release your form.) I’m a member of the TechShop Austin-Round Rock location and we have one! They give tours every day and are open from 9am – Midnight if you want to check them out. They also have lasers, a Maker Bot 3D printer (the Replicator 2), a vinyl cutter & many other fun toys.

Are you making your own soap molds? Do you have tips to add? Happy Making y’all!

Houston Mini Maker Faire 2013

Make Your Own Soap Booth Collage Look at all the great soaps we made together at the Houston Mini Maker Faire!
Each person chose what color and scent their soap would have, and embedded a toy in the middle!

P.J., Eva & I had so much fun helping you design these colorful and fun soaps! Thank you for coming out and creating with us!  -Lisa

Birthday Party Fun

Plan a memorable birthday party with us! For Kait’s 12th birthday, she invited 13 of her closest friends and they made bath salts, lip balm & nail polishes all in custom scents and their favorite colors at their home in Round Rock, TX! P1020855

Email me to book a memorable party for your child! or call me at 512.850.5472

Bubble Bath Marshmallows R&D

I’ve doing some R&D in the Feto Soap kitchen! I love marshmallows and bubble baths, so when I was experimenting with different formulas of solid bubble bars it just made sense to shape them into marshmallow shapes.

Here are some vanilla I made a few months ago:

They started out white but discolored to brown because of the vanillin content. They were a bit squishy for selling, but still made a nice handmade birthday gift! (and great uhm, research baths!) I forgot to take a picture of them packaged up, but I put them in a clear gusseted treat bag with a ribbon and label.

Here’s a new formula I made in tangerine last week. They hardened up nicely and I gifted them to my friend Kera for her birthday.

Did I show you the bubble cake balls I made? I had some leftover “frosting” from the bath bomb swap earlier this year and no bath bombs to frost, so I rolled all the leftover frosting into balls and topped them with glitter! In some of them I even inserted sticks, but since it was ALL frosting they didn’t stay in that well. I’ll have to play with that concept some more when I have time.

I’m working to find a formula I like, and once it’s perfected I’ll make an announcement! I’m thinking about making them in loaves with a swirl in the center like rye bread. We’ll see! Stay tuned!

Making Bath Bombs with Maddie

For the past few weeks I’ve been working with my new assistant, Maddie. She’s been helping me out with various tasks, like shrink wrapping ALL of the lip balm I make, inventory, labeling, packaging & now making product! Here’s a picture of the first bath bomb she made yesterday:
It was lavender vanilla scented. We were experimenting with color when I was teaching her to make bath bombs. This one has Blue and Pink Clay and came out a little too dark for my taste. I did some “product testing” with one of these last night – the formula felt wonderful in the bath (Epsom salt & sweet almond oil) but I wasn’t a fan of the dark color of the bomb.

The ones in the background were colored with Wilton’s gel Violet and were closer to the purple color I wanted for these.

I’ve also changed up my sandalwood vanilla bath bomb from brown and white stripes to light brown with a sprinkle of ground vanilla bean on top: 

I’ll be adding seasonal bath bombs to the shop for the fall with scents of pumpkin and peppermint.

What bath bomb scents do you want to see in the shop? Please comment and let me know!

I can’t wait for my new packaging to arrive so I can show you what I have been cooking up in my brain! Until then, Lisa

Bramble Berry Bath Bomb Swap Part One

I’ve been kicking the idea of adding bath bombs to the feto soap line. Here’s one I made at the very beginning of the year: [singlepic id=26 w=320 h=240 float=] I am pretty sure I used too much witch hazel in my mix, so they started looking like bath muffins instead of cupcakes. They started “growing” (reaction between the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid) when I wasn’t looking. I punched them down three times & on the third time they stayed down to this level of poofiness. [singlepic id=31 w=320 h=240 float=] I made a few giant bath bombs last week that I was happy with in Oatmeal, Milk & Honey and White Zinfandel and saw that Bramble Berry was hosting a swap, which was perfect because I wanted to work on my bath bomb cupcakes & experiment with using clays to color them. I made the bases of my cupcakes with pink & white kaolin clay and scented them with cherry almond. It was a humid day and the bases didn’t want to cooperate, so I ended up adding more witch hazel and sweet almond oil to get my mixture to stay together. Then I made some bath frosting & topped the cupcakes with it, jojoba beads & a sprinkle of iridescent glitter. [singlepic id=27 w=320 h=240 float=][singlepic id=28 w=320 h=240 float=] I had some leftover frosting, so I made cake balls with them. [singlepic id=29 w=320 h=240 float=] and then cake pops with them. [singlepic id=32 w=320 h=240 float=]

I needed to make 12 bath bombs for the swap, and I ended up with 13, so I did some “product testing” the other day with the extra cupcake. The bottom of the cupcake fizzed away and tinted my bath water a little pink, and I ran the top of the cupcake under running water to make bubbles. It didn’t completely dissolve on its own so I used it to shave my legs! It was great!

I mailed them off on Monday, so hopefully they will get there safe and sound! [singlepic id=30 w=320 h=240 float=] 30 people have signed up so far. I can’t wait to try everyone’s bath bombs out! They are fun to use and make my skin feel so soft! I prefer a bath bomb swap to a soap swap because you can use one bath bomb per bath vs. a bar of soap, which takes so much longer to go through. I still have soap from a Soap Conference swap a few years back!

How Maker Faire Changed My Life

Maker Faire is an event that is near & dear to my heart. I have been a Maker since it came to Austin in 2007. I think my friend Carly mentioned it would be something I could be interested in doing. Not knowing much about the event other than it was run in part with Make: and Craft: magazine, I submitted my proposal for an idea that I had never tried to do before: bring all the things you need to make a bar of soap to an event and let people create right at the booth! I was accepted, so I packed up my Honda Civic full of soap molds, fragrances, colorants, toys, honey & glitter, drove from Houston to Austin and invited people to make soap with me, and they did! I haven’t stopped teaching people how to make soap since! Thank you Maker Faire for giving me this opportunity to spread the joy of creating with a wider audience. I have since quit my “day job” of fixing computers and now make and teach soapmaking to people of all ages full-time. Maker Faire Austin also showed me that Austin has a vibrant and creative community, and inspired me to move to Austin from Houston, which I did in the spring of 2009. This is the short story, of course. For the long version come visit me at any of my next events, or book a private or group session with me.

Maker Faire 2007

Austin Mini Maker Faire is brought to you by Kami Wilt and Austin Tinkering School. Kami attended the Austin Maker Faire in 2008 and had a life-altering experience there, where she realized that makers and making were central to her existence. Shortly thereafter, she founded Austin Tinkering School, inspired and encouraged by the flagship Tinkering School in San Francisco, which is a place where kids (and adults!) use real tools and real materials to build the things that they think of. After waiting and waiting (and waiting!) for Maker Faire to come back to Austin, she woke up one day last fall realizing that someone had to step up to the plate to bring Maker Faire back to Austin. And it might as well be herself, Austin Tinkering School, and the wily band of tinkerers that call Austin their homeland. Because there’s just far too many makers in Austin not to have a maker faire…!

Many attendees and Makers have similar stories about how Maker Faire has affected their lives. What’s yours? If you haven’t had a life-altering event because of Maker Faire, it’s not too late! Join us! Our Mini Maker Faire is community-run & needs your support. Ways to show your support are to donate, volunteer and apply to be a maker or at this year’s event.

February Giveaway!

pink-sugar-perfumeHey y’all! This month I am hosting a giveaway of one of my signature scents! It’s a version of Pink Sugar that I’m sure you will adore! This fragrance smells just like a fabulously adult cotton candy. The main notes are Vanilla, Sandalwood and Sweet Heliotrope. It seems to have a fruity note in there – maybe a sweet maraschino cherry too?

You can enter once per day until the 21st of this month. Winners will be announced here on the blog on the February 22nd!

Continue Reading

NEW! Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Lotion Bars and Soap

I rarely make my lotion bar in new scents – but I had to bring this one back to go with my new & now popular honey & shea sugar scrub and Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Soap that I’ll have this week at the Cedar Park Farms to Market. I adore honey! It’s been used in beauty care for a long time. Here are a  few simple reasons why you might want to add honey to your skin care routine:

  • It helps heal very dry skin.
  • It evens out skin tone and can help reduce dark spots on skin almost like a natural skin-bleaching agent.
  • It reduces wrinkles naturally.
  • It smells delicious.

One of my favorite facial masks is to put pure honey on my face for 15 minutes and then wash off. You will not believe how soft your skin will feel!

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