Introducing Honey & Shea Sugar Scrub!

Introducing pralines and cream ice cream! Just kidding! It looks and smells like the ice cream because of those bits of ground almond there. This past fall I released my Yuzu Japanese Citrus, Bamboo Sugar Cane & Sandalwood Vanilla Sugar scrubs & they were warmly received, so I’ve added them to my line year-round at feto soap. I love honey and wanted to incorporate it into more of my products, so I’ve made Honey & Shea Sugar scrub for you. For those of you who already like my honey glycerin soap, you are going to LOVE my Honey & Shea Sugar Scrub! It’s an emulsified scrub.  It’s like a lotion, liquid soap, and body scrub all in one! It’s not one of those oily scrubs that leak and leave a slippery film in your tub! What is so special about this scrub? It’s full of honey, shea butter, sweet almond oil, sugar & ground almonds for skin conditioning and exfoliation! It literally turns into a lotion before your eyes when you add water and rub your hands together and will easily get rid of your dry winter skin.

If you’re in Austin, you can try it at its debut at the Cedar Park Farms to Market & Austin Nerd Cave Showcase this weekend or order online at I’ll have samples out ready for you to try!

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