Re-purposing Things & Getting Organized

The holiday season is over and I’m in the middle of making all the things that were depleted – like my roll-on perfumes that I sold out of during the holiday rush. Now that I’m making all the things, I need somewhere to put them!

I was shopping at my local Goodwill the other day and picked up an Iris photo organizer that had separate cases for photos. I thought that it would be perfect size to sort/safely transport out my perfumes and possibly lip balms to and from shows. I put some foam to cushion the glass roll-on perfume bottles in each case and labeled each case with the fragrance name so I can just look down and pop out whichever one I need when I am restocking my display. Prior to finding this case I was putting then in labeled ziplock bags by fragrance in a plastic shoebox. I wasn’t a big fan of that system  because the bags didn’t stand upright and it was not easy to find each fragrance.

This week I’m getting ready for the Austin Nerd Case Showcase that’s coming up on January 15th, so I’ve filled up my new case with my freshly made Jojoba Oil Roll-on Perfumes in White Tea & Ginger, Sandalwood Vanilla, Lavender Vanilla, Pink Sugar (Jen Heart’s Art‘s favorite!) & Gardenia perfumes.

With all this talk of organizing… I have a few wooden displays for my perfumes, but the guy who made them got out of the business, so I’m looking for another way to display them. Do you know of a good source for acrylic or paper box display for roll-on perfumes?

What items have you found and re-purposed to get organized? I’d love to hear your stories about the things that make your life easier & organized.

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  1. I love finding new uses for old items. Think about how much you saved by getting the boxes at Goodwill. Containers can really add up! I’ve used plastic shoe boxes for anything but shoes, especially for organizing bottles and all the other loose stuff in my bathroom. Would this acrylic holder from Bed Bath & Beyond work for perfumes? The Container Store has good display options too.

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