Happy New Year!

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in ages. Shame on me! I won’t bore you with excuses… I’ll just get to a-writing! I made a small batch of Champagne-scented bath bombs yesterday to celebrate NYE and used Dragon’s Blood scented soap while I was using the bath bomb. The combination of fragrances was divine, so I made up some Champagne & Dragon’s Blood bubble bath/shower gel with gold glitter today. Mmm… good! I’m on a glitter kick lately, so watch out for more sparkles coming your way! I dusted the champagne bath bomb with a little iridescent glitter. But don’t worry, my spa-line will stay glitter free unless you request.

However, my shower gel / bubble bath is always available! Let me know if you want one in champagne & dragon’s blood scent and I will make one up for you! (and if you want added bling!) I tried it today and it didn’t leave any on me after my shower. I’m also bringing back the travel size shower gels and also have them in the 7.4 ounce size. I’m full of ideas for the new year and can’t wait to share them all with you.

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The two ounce size bubble bath is great for party favors! Do you have a wedding, baby shower, baptism, or birthday party coming up? I can personalize the bubble bath with your event details like this:

Bulk pricing is available starting at 12 pieces for your event! Just contact me for details. Please let me know how many you will need and when you will need them by.  lisa (at) fetosoap.com or call me at 512.850.5472.


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